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Robotic Suits: How They Will Make Super Athletes and Super Soldiers Security and Privacy: A Dangerous Liason Top 5 Photography Gadgets Lost and Found: Preview of the Tile Brand Loyalty Vs. Product

Robotic Suits: How They Will Make Super Athletes and Super Soldiers

The architecture and engineering behind the human body is quite amazing for its efficiency and performance, but we all know that there are certain limitations to what it can do. You can only jump, run, or lift objects as far as your physical boundaries allow. We have invented machines to help us do things and make life easier, but recent developments in technology help us venture into wearable technologies that can help us become super-humans. Technologies are being developed to help us augment Read more [...]

Online Security Issues

Security and Privacy: A Dangerous Liason

In today’s wired world, it is hard to have that sense of security and privacy. You do not know if the government is monitoring what you are sending through e-mail or opens the files you are storing in the cloud. Aside from that, why do the advertisements you see while browsing the Internet seem to hit the spot if advertisers cannot access your data? There are days when you just hope that you can retreat from using all the gadgets that you have and stay unplugged. However, this is not possible Read more [...]

Top 5 Photography Gadgets

Digital cameras have ensured a wider range of gadgets for photographers than the film alternatives. The digital cameras are now merged with a variety of alternative devices, and with camera SD storage cards there are a greater range of gadgets for storing, printing and displaying photos than ever before. These are, in no specific order, the top five photography gadgets. Gadget #1: Portable Photo Printers The portable photo printers are miniprinters that you can take out with your camera. As such, Read more [...]

Bluetooth Hardware Device

Lost and Found: Preview of the Tile

No matter how organised you are, there will be times when you just cannot find certain items at home, at work, or places you frequent. For this, there are people who have thought of products that can be a quick fix for such situations. Never lose something again with the Tile. The Tile is a device that can help you avoid annoying moments such as when you are running late for a dinner party and you cannot find your car keys. It can also help you to locate your pets, bike, purse, and pretty much Read more [...]

Commitment of Apple Fan

Brand Loyalty Vs. Product

Brand loyalty in modern technology products is one of the main ingredients for success when launching a new item. It is one of the fundamental reasons behind having a brand image and name associated with a product, as they are easily identifiable and can mean a huge deal if associated with positive features. Once a brand has built up a great reputation, they need to stay on the top of their game product-wise in order to maintain that level of reputation. If they don't bother to do the latter, Read more [...]

Social Media

Unusual Applications for Social Media: Exploring the Reach of a Rapidly Evolving Medium

18 September 2013

It seems that everyday there is a new report or set of statistics released that offers a fascinating insight into the rapidly evolving reach of social media. While this should not necessary come as a significant surprise, the potential applications of social media and its fundamental values continue to defy conventional logic and traditional thinking. Even allowing for the considerable pace of technological advancement, the evolution of social media appears to be progressing at a disproportionate Read more [...]

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How to Recover a Hacked Gmail Account

28 August 2013

Despite all the recent issues regarding NSA and user's data privacy, we all know Gmail to be (one of) the best email service(s) available at the moment. It is free,  has infinite-ish storage capacity, is reliable and is - usually - safe. The problem comes when someone breaks into your account. Whether we are talking about stolen passwords or hacker attacks, no service or account is 100% safe, and Google's Gmail is no different. However, it offers some very important and useful security features Read more [...]

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The Concept of Social Media

Social Media: Charting the Journey from Social to Professional Networking

26 July 2013

Given that social media is now a prosperous and thriving marketing tool, it is all too easy to overlook the medium’s humble origins as a recreational networking resource. As a single online concept, social media has grown at a faster rate than any other, even eclipsing e-commerce and the development of mobile applications. Fortunately, this history has been charted and recorded in statistics, thanks largely to the efforts of the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. According Read more [...]

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Highlights of E3 2013

22 June 2013

The E3 trade show is an annual showcase of the upcoming consoles and games. At E3 2013 both Microsoft and Sony were showcasing new console hardware, as well as games. Nintendo also revealed an exciting batch of games for their Mario and Zelda series. In addition to them, third-party publishers such as SEGA, EA and Ubisoft also provided a further glimpse of some of their upcoming titles. E3 2013 was indeed the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One duel that many had expected. The consoles had already been revealed Read more [...]

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Brenda Romero speaks at the #1ReasonToBe panel at GDC 2013.

Female Game Developers: Sex Battle

07 June 2013

In April of this year, a blog for marginalised gamers called The Border House reprinted some pie charts from the survey that Game Developer Magazine conducts annually of people working in the games industry. While it was by no means the focus of the survey, one facet that really stands out in the data is the differences in average salary between those who defined as male and those who defined as female. In only one area of the industry were women shown to make more money on average than men, Read more [...]

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Top 10 Stylishly Functional Headphones

30 May 2013

With hundreds of different styles of headphones on the market today, it’s often hard to pick a pair that you know will suit you whilst providing the best sound and value for money. Stylish headphones can often look great but lack base, depth, noise cancelation or balance which makes the whole experience bad and pointless, not to mention a waste of your hard earned cash. Here we’ve listed the top 10 stylish headphones that offer the best functionality too. 1. Sennheiser HD 598 These over Read more [...]

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First Lesson in Understanding C# Programming

04 May 2013

The ability to program computers is a desired skill which is rapidly growing as technology has become such a crucial and integral part of our lives. All of our electronic gadgets have logic embedded in them in some way or another and that is achieved through programming. The first step to begin high level programming (Languages such as C#, Visual Basic etc) is having a developing environment. That may sound a little daunting but essentially it is a spruced up notepad which will allow you to manage, Read more [...]

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Get Ready to Rumble: Apple iPad v. Microsoft Surface

22 April 2013

It is a battle royal in the tablet arena, with the well marketed Apple iPad going head to head against the challenger, the Microsoft Surface. Going round for round, which tablet will come up with a killer punch? Which one will hit the canvass? Design iPad with Retina Display from Apple The Microsoft Surface looks good and comes with a 10.6-inch display framed within a casing crafted from magnesium with a dark titanium finish. It also has a flip-out kickstand that comes very useful when watching Read more [...]

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Blackberry Launch the New BB10 Tablet

08 April 2013

While the Blackberry 10 smartphone has helped to at least partially restore the ailing technology brands fortunes, the firm remains determined to achieve even greater success. As a result of this desire to compete with leading lights such as Apple, Samsung and Nokia, Blackberry has announced that it set to launch a new tablet which will borrow heavily from the extremely successful BB10 operating system. This is one of 6 new devices planned for 2013, as the brand plan an assault on the consumer market. The Read more [...]

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Eric Whitacre, TED 2013, Skype and a Virtual Choir

05 April 2013

It's hard to believe in 2013 that Skype is only just celebrating its 10th birthday. It's become a crucial piece of technology during that time, allowing people to do things together, even though they're apart. It's rekindled friendships, allowed relatives to see each other despite being worlds apart, has streamlined global business communication and has kept lovers, fiancées and partners together during times they have to live separately. It's done so much for communication, and now it's doing Read more [...]

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