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Google Glass Review: Through the Looking Glass Comes Augmented Reality

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Girl wearing project glass google glasses

Search engine giant Google introduced Project Glass to the public back in April 2012. According to Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, they are aiming to roll out the Google Glass to consumers by 2014. Google Glass, priced at around $1,500 (£950), is a pair of glasses with a built in computer that will bring augmented reality into our daily lives. It has a 1.3cm-display that allows users to video-chat, share photos, access maps, check appointments, and surf the web.

It has been considered by Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of 2012. The Google Glass is set to be a game changer. So, how exactly can it change our lives?

Wearable Technology

Augmented Reality Through Project Glass by Google

Spectator Sports

Imagine how it will be like to watch the NFL, UFC, NBA, Formula One, or the WWE via streaming video. We are not talking about a broadcast TV perspective but being able to choose your vantage point. You can see the game from the perspective the referee, your favourite player, or the coaches.

We have heard of streaming services that present games from multiple angles and we see players from different sports wearing shades during their games, so wearing the Google Glasses can be acceptable even for the top athletes.

Of course, amid all the excitement of having a good control of how we see the games, we need to factor in what the broadcasters and their advertisers think about this idea. Pro Sports is a good possibility for Google Glass.


The creator of Google Glass has made it clear that they have no plans to inject advertising into this device. The world of advertising have been dreaming of a gadget like the Google Glass. It is almost a reality and once it gets to consumers, you’ll never know how ads can try to crawl into the world of augmented reality.

Mass adoption of the Google Glass can surely affect how people interact with brands. Imagine how coupon offers can come to consumers and how you can easily invite friends nearby to enjoy the great discounts with you.

Billboards can also be seen differently by each individual. What you will see will depend on your search histories, interests, and preferences. It will be personalized ads at its best.

Living life like a game


Augmented Reality Technology

You will be going everywhere wearing the Google Glass. You might be walking down the block and once near a particular cafe, a box will pop up with a discount you can find inside. You can be in school learning things fed to your glasses. You can be in the middle of an emergency situation getting instructions from doctors and other professionals so you can save someone’s life. You can also be looking at a dress and to help you decide, the Google Glass will feed an image of yourself wearing that particular dress. Imagine print media totally gone and how we will be reading newspapers.


Google has a lot of plans for the Google Glass. It will also come with accessories that will make it even more functional. So far we are hearing of a smart glove that can help with navigation. There are also reports that it will be paired with a projector. So aside from the head gestures, voice commands, and touch pads, we can expect a whole array of gadgets that can be paired with the Google Glass.

Google Glass just opened a box of limitless possibilities for us.

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