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Highlights of E3 2013

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The E3 trade show is an annual showcase of the upcoming consoles and games. At E3 2013 both Microsoft and Sony were showcasing new console hardware, as well as games. Nintendo also revealed an exciting batch of games for their Mario and Zelda series. In addition to them, third-party publishers such as SEGA, EA and Ubisoft also provided a further glimpse of some of their upcoming titles.

E3 2013 was indeed the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One duel that many had expected. The consoles had already been revealed a few months before, but there were questions still to be answered at E3 2013.

PlatStation 4 at E3

Perhaps the most obvious was that of the PlayStation 4 console design, as no glimpse of the console unit was previously provided before E3. The PlayStation 4′s veil was lifted at E3, and the photo below includes the upcoming game console.

The PlayStation 4 game console. PlayStation 4 in all its glory!

PlayStation 4 Games at E3

Further details to previously confirmed PlayStation 4 games were provided. Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club and Knack were confirmed as launch games for the console. A few new PlayStation 4 games were also revealed at E3 2012.

Among them another addition to the Final Fantasy RPG series, that of Final Fantasy XV. An in-game announce trailer for The Order 1886, a third-person action adventure game, was also included. The video clip included a Victorian London setting.

EA showcased their next addition to the genre-defining Battlefield game series, Battlefield 4, at the show. This multiplatform game will be out on both the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. At E3 there was a more extensive five-minute trailer for the game that includes actual gameplay footage.

EA's Battlefield 4

Another of the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, games which had some air time was that of Call of Duty: Ghosts. A few videos, that included gameplay footage demos, gave a tantalising first glimpse of the first-person shooter game at E3. One was that of No Man’s Land, a video that includes two of the elite covert Ghost soldiers in a jungle and cliff top setting. The most interesting addition to the video was perhaps the dog that escorts them, which mauls down a number of armed guards during the demo.

Another video was Into the Deep. During this demo two of the Ghost soldiers swim underwater with diving gear. Their mission, it seems, is to wipe out a surface ship above them with an underwater missile that is duly fired. The missile blows the ship up, which sinks to the surface soon after. Thus underwater combat could be a bigger part of this Call of Duty game title.

Xbox One Games at E3

As far as exclusive Xbox One games are concerned, the big announcement was that of the new Halo Xbox One game for the console. However, few details were mentioned for the upcoming Halo game, except a brief trailer that did not really have any gameplay footage. Instead the video includes the Master Chief in a desert, and a huge robotic eagle that rises and takes off from the sand!  The game is expected to run at 60 FPS, and have dedicated servers for multiplayer.

The other big exclusive Xbox One title is that of Forza Motorsport 5. At E3 there were a couple of new trailers which include in-game footage. The game trailer featured a race around the streets of Prague, the first confirmed setting for Forza Motorsport 5. Another demo trailer includes first-person cockpit gameplay footage from Forza Motorsport 5.

The new consoles overshadowed much of E3, but Nintendo still lifted the lid on some exciting new games for the Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo announced new instalments to their game series, such as Mario Kart 8. For the first time the Mario Kart game series will come to the Wii U in full HD (high-definition).

Mario Kart 8 promises a fresh new assortment of racing circuits, and anti-gravity karts that hover just above the ground. The anti-gravity karts can ride across sections of the circuits that are upside down. Hang gliders, underwater racing and motorbikes are also set to return in Mario Kart 8.

A Mario Kart 8 hang glider.

A shot from Mario Kart 8 that includes Mario hang gliding towards the finishing line.

Nintendo announced the first Mario platform game on the Wii U, that of Super Mario 3D World. A colourful Super Mario 3D trailer demo provided a preview of the game. The most interesting thing about the trailer is the inclusion of Princess Peach and Toad alongside Mario and Luigi. As such, Peach and Toad can also be selected from to play through levels.

In this Mario game, the princess has evidently escaped the usual kidnapping! A new cat transformation suit has also been added so that Mario and co can scamper up walls.

The Super Mario 3D World platform game.

Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi and Toad in Super Mario 3D World.

A new Mario, or should that be Luigi game, was also showcased at E3. This is the first Nintendo platform game in which Luigi has a starring role. The gameplay trailer revealed that it will a 2D platform game more comparable to New Super Mario Bros.

Aside from Mario games, Nintendo revealed Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, a 2D platform game, as the next addition to the Donkey Kong series. That game will include both Diddy and Dixie alongside Donkey Kong.

A new Zelda game for the 3DS, A Link Between Worlds, was also unveiled. For that there was an extended gameplay trailer which highlighted that the game was more in the top-down 2D format, similar to Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and 3DS, New Yoshi’s Island and the Wii U Zelda Wind Waker HD remake were among their other notable games at E3.

Donkey and Diddy in Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

Donkey Kong and Diddy in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

SEGA’s booth was also one that had some exciting games. SEGA revealed the latest Sonic game as a Wii U exclusive. Sonic Lost World is a 3D platform game which had some playable demos at the show. In this game Sonic has some new moves, such as wall running and sky diving.

Company of Heroes 2 was among SEGA’s big upcoming Window games at the show. This sequel to Company of Heroes is set in the frosty eastern front, and is the first in the series to include the Russian army to battle it out with the Germans. With the game set to come out this June there were playable demos at E3. Their new E3 trailer gave a first glimpse of the Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer mode.

Russian tanks in Company of Heroes 2.

There was also quite a bit more at the show, but those were a few of the more exciting games at E3 2013. Check out the E3 website for further details.


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