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iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 Rumours

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Same old iOS featured in images though

Will it be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6? That is the question. Regardless of the name, the successor to the current iPhone 5 will be available at some point this year with an announcement expected around June or July.

With Apple share prices slowly slipping as iPhone sales do the same, the next generation iPhone is going to have to be one that will really have the ‘Wow’ factor and push the limits of modern technology. As soon as it was released, the iPhone 5 was lagged behind the high quality competition and the sales reflected that as the Samsung Galaxy S3 trumped iPhone sales in Q3 last year by a staggering 2 million handsets.

Much Thinner Design

One of the biggest questions about the next generation of iPhone is how iOS will evolve. Since iOS was first released (over 6 years ago now) the current generation of users needs and requirements have evolved beyond rows of static icons. If you compare iOS to current Android and Windows Phone OS’s you’ll see how modern and up to date they look while offering the user MUCH more information and generally, a better experience. No doubt that a few years ago iOS was amazing but since then it has never really evolved whereas the competition has. In short, many of us are expecting a complete revision of iOS which would be a head turner and breath of fresh air to the iPhone brand.

So, what should we expect from a hardware point of view from the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6? Well, without question, it will feature a faster processor. The current iPhone 5 processor is a 1.3 GHz dual core. The current Samsung Galaxy S3 processor is a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor so in order to be well above current generation specs the iPhone 5 will likely be trumping the S3. The also highly rumoured  Galaxy S4 phone is reported to be boasting a insane 1.8 GHz, octo-core processer! The power of modern smartphones is astonishing and it is growing at an alarming rate. Either way the new iPhone is going to have to pack a serious punch.

Same old iOS featured in images though

NFC is something which the next iPhone will pretty much have to include, it was a great fault of the iPhone 5 that it was omitted and could have been the cause of bad sales. NFC is a great and growing technology which is almost certain to become part of our everyday lives soon.

One of the most interesting speculations though surrounding the new iPhone is the addition of a finger print scanner behind the screen… The biometric hardware would be used in conjunction with NFC to make mobile payments much more secure as well as your whole mobile experience.

Better and more slick buttons

Nothing official has yet to be revealed regarding the iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 but it really is going to be the deal breaker for Apple. If it can’t compete with the Galaxy S4 or new Windows Phone hardware then it may mean Apple has hit its peak in the smartphone market. However if Apple really ups their hardware and rejuvenates iOS then it could be a totally different story.

Images included are user design mock-ups of what the new iPhone could look like. Source.

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