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New iPod Touch 2012 Review

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The new iPod Touch is finally here! Announced alongside the new iPhone 5, the Touch has had its biggest visual overhaul since launch. The mirror finished, extremely scratch prone rear has been scraped for a colourful shade of aluminum. The back cover also curves around the edges of the design making it a real treat to hold.

So that’s what is on the outside, let’s get down to the technical specs under the hood:

Dimensions 123.4 mm (Height)58.6 mm (Width)6.1 mm (Depth)
Weight 88 grams
Storage Capacity 32 GB or 64 GB
Display 4.0 inchMulti-Touch IPS1136 x 640 pixel resolution
Camera 5 Megapixel (Rear)Auto FocusLED-Flash1.2 Megapixel camera (Front)
Input 3.5mm headphones jackMicrophoneLightning connectorAccelerometerGyroscope
Power & Battery 40 Hours music playback8 Hours video playback
CPU 800 MHz Dual CoreA5
RAM 512 MB


The display is and always has been the defining characteristic of the iPod Touch, it was the first iPod that ever truly allowed you to watch a decent movie on the go. Apple has improved the experience further by adding a larger, 4.0 inch IPS display which is found in the iPhone 5 with a dense screen resolution.

Different Colours

Brightness, viewing angles and contrast are all top notch on the brand new display so it is a real treat to look at. One area however where the iPod Touch has been downgraded from its predecessor is an ambient light sensor. Pretty much all modern phones and music players with a large screen feature one of these light sensors to automatically manage the brightness of the screen, making it brighter in brighter conditions and vice versa. This small and cheap feature is a fantastic way at saving battery life on your devices so it is really disappointing that it has been left out in the new iPod.

Siri on iPod

Performance wise the A5 CPU is a great step up from the previous iPod’s and will be able to handle all the games and apps you want to throw at it without a hiccup.

I’ve never quite understood why an iPod would need a camera but I have to say the one featured in the new Touch is impressive. Compared to the previous versions the images are crisper and have vibrant colours. The 1.2 Megapixel camera on the front is also a welcome asset as it allows your Touch to easily make video calls over Skype or Apple’s FaceTime.

Profile view iPod All in all the new iPod Touch is a brilliant device, it is thinner, lighter and more powerful than the previous version. I wasn’t very impressed with the iPhone 5 when it was announced but the new Touch has ticked all the right boxes. The visual overhaul makes the device look more modern and feel great in your hands. If you have a previous iPod or are just looking for a fantastic music, video and gaming device then the new iPod Touch will be a brilliant choice.

Prices for the new iPod Touch start at £249 for the 32GB version.


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